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OUR STORY (2010-2017)

7 years ago we opened a little shop on our local high street called Funky Rascal, selling a mix of bright, organic children's clothing and reliable, tough outdoorwear. Our belief was, and still is, that children should be able to explore to their hearts' content, whatever the weather.

A lot has changed over those seven years: we opened an online store, we moved to a bigger store, and we expanded into adults' outdoor clothing. Now we're taking our biggest step and we're almost there.... Our baby, Funky Rascal, is growing up!

We can hardly call ourselves a "children's wear" retailer any longer! And let's face it, not all adults are Funky Rascals, so we've decided to focus on outdoor clothing and have rebranded ourselves as Peak To Street!

Same friendly, enthusiastic service and knowledgeable advice. Just a change of location and much more outdoor wear!

OUR VISION (2017-)

Our passion is skiing. But much as we'd like to, we can't ski every day. So, like you, we also need reliable protective clothing for our everyday lives. Jackets and coats we can keep the everyday weather at bay with, yet still feel good wearing.

However, when we get the opportunity, we need to be comfortable in horizontal January sleet at Glenshee, or looking down on a glacier from 3600m in the Alps.

Luckily, over the past 7 years, we've found some great outdoor brands who do just that: Brands built for adverse conditions, who've adapted for diverse environments. And we always continue that search.

Our aim is to bring together that combination of quality, reliability, price and style, appealing to people like you, who don’t follow the crowd but lead it. Whether it's for a peak or the street, you'll know you can rely on us to help you find the perfect solution you can trust implicitly.

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